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He Vau He Yod, unto the Destruction of the Unknowable God.

Phosphoric Fyrfoshvhy

‘He Vau He Yod!’ And the Swastika hath opened my fiery mind and shewn me a Diamond –crystalline and sublime. The diabolical name of power is not a cross per se, it is actually a hooked cross! And the Swastika burns with billowing Fires!

Lo! I saw a Sauvastika also –it was white. ‘Yod He Vau He’, saidith I, and the strange Enemy was slain!

Exert from ‘Chaos of ZAIOS’

The first Sig Rune is an isolated rune, which is a flame with the countenance of the Sun that divorced itself from the pro-cosmic force of YHVH. The first Sig Rune is symbolic of the initial usurpation of Lucifer, he who struggled with god.

The next emanation is of two Sig Runes joined in the centre to form a Swastika. As a Swastika they are come to purge the impure with Satan’s wrathful Fires of Hatred, to destroy the sub/humans that worship and submit to YHVH. This Swastika also represents the veneer of evil and the Sinister, and the initial challenge of the belief of Good and Evil.

The third emanation of the Sig Runes is the ‘Trisigil’ which is three Sig Runes together alike a triskelion. This threefold aspect represents the Chaos-Sex-Death trifidic-triunal-triad, the Tripartite Devil’s Head and the 3 cycles of 3 emanations of the 9 Diabolic Gnostic emanations.

The fourth emanation is comprised of four Sig Runes in the shape of a Swastika. As an aspect of four it represents the fourfold name of the Devil, HVHY, and the domain of sinister workings.

The fifth emanation is the last and it is the actual mystery of sinister magic, the Sauvastika. It devolves that which has come before, and destroys enemies. It counteracts the creative forces of the swastika by being the great destroyer of all things. Within the Sauvastika lies the seed of the undoing of the twelve victories, yet it is there to be overcome and transcended.

Exert of ‘Esoteric Rite of the Twelve Victories (The Luciferian Overcoming)’


To Cleanse the Blood of Perception


There are many mysteries of the Blood including the idea of the divine, numinous (or diabolical) within the Blood of the Elect and also the god or divinity of the Blood itself (be it Death or Devil). The question is whether the ‘divinity of the Blood’ is a blessing (in the truest sense of the word), a curse, a god, a Devil or all of the above. Is the Blood the Collective Unconscious, our bestial and animalistic past, our ancestry, our most evolved aspect or our most primitive, or all of these things simultaneously? Is the divine a hallmark of ancient beings better than what we are now? Is the worship of the Blood the worship of all or none of these things? Maybe the worship and veneration of the Blood is the recognition of the Entropic and Chaotic aspects of our psyche, spirit and being…

The rituals and ordeals of Diabolic Gnosticism are aimed at hearing the inner Will, and challenging Belief in all of its forms, to cleanse the Blood of Perception. As such our foundations become unbreakably strong and we can approach the Chaos A/Gnosis and the Diabolic Gnosis thereof with an understanding of deep and profound intention.




An article by Frater Kafyrfos appears in the first issue of CHORONZON, the official journal of Martinet Press. Glory be unto the Devil.

Martinet Press


CHORONZON is the official journal of Martinet Press, and a vehicle of sinister art, prose, and devotional texts. Art by Joel Hrafnsson, VLF Laboratories, Edgar Kerval, Nestor Avalos, and Erica Frevel. Written works by Czar Azag-Kala, Frater Kafyrfos, John Hope, Aubrey Basnight, Leopold Lawrence, Yogesh Arya, and Constantine Charagma.

Choronzon I (Amazon purchase link)

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Blood Moon Ritual. 4th April MMXV

2015-04-04 18.06.25

Blood Moon Ritual

Over the Easter weekend I travelled to S_ in search of the ominous Convincing Ground. Whilst driving along the coast and despite the best attempts to research the exact location of the massacre site, I could not find it. As I wound along the shoreline I could feel that I was in the vicinity however no point screamed out to me. To add to the confounds, many residential properties edged the tiny highway adjacent to the cold sea, with views of the ocean and the beach sands. I made the executive decision to abandon the usage of that deathly magickal site in favour of something much more sinister and adversarial -Diabolic Gnostic Rites in a church.
A Sister of the Blood helped me gain special unmolested access to the location of my ritual practice. On good Friday in one of the pews and with the sonic compliment of a 100 year old pipe organ, I began to read suitably satanic passages from the bible, including the Book of Revelations, Psalms, Proverbs and the Book of Job, whence the Devil, Satan, Lucifer, Antichrist and Leviathan were all mentioned. The Book of Job is of interest because it is where YHVH asks of Satan, ‘Where have you been?’. Carl Jung pointed out that this question casts doubt on YHVH’s omniscience and his knowing of All Things in his text ‘The Answer to Job’. Satan responds to YHVH that he has been, ‘Going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it’. This is where we get the idea of Satan as a Wanderer moving on the Earth. He proceeds to deceive YHVH and destroy Job who has faith in and fear of YHVH. Satan is thus a destroyer of the faithful and the believers.
The Book of Proverbs also went to some length to describe the love of Wisdom/Sophia, which is pertinent to Phosphorosophia. Sophia was therein personified as a female to be worshiped…
On the day of the Blood Moon I carried out two rituals in the church. Due to the special circumstances surrounding this blitzkrieg operation I could not use incense or robes, however, my Will and intent were very strong. The blasphemous and adversarial aura of my ritual added to the overall energy. I completed an amended Twofold Fyrfos Banishing Ritual where I used the jew-christ cross as the Cross I was beyond, and visualised a HVHY ‘hooked cross’ above the christian cross. There were neither physical fires nor Seven Points however, I visualised these also. My movements were limited by the space and the unique set up of the church, however, I could turn to face each direction and I could use vast sweeping hand gestures. Creating a ritual space dedicated to Diabolic Gnosticism and Swastika worship within a christian church was a very satisfying achievement. My aim was not to turn christians away from YHVH (let the sub/humans suffer in their ignorance) but, rather, to twist their prayers of the lord to sinister energy for the Devil and the EDG.
I completed parts of the Diabolic Gnostic Elemental Pentagram Banishing Ritual which I cannot discuss. Suffice it to say, the ritual is solid, if a little time consuming.
By the night of the Blood Moon bound by circumstances, I charged my ‘Swastika Rosaries’ drawing on the energies that knowledgeable and casual observers offered unto the moon. I quietly chanted each of the 37 spheres and meditated on their meanings.
The next day I attended a church service in the very same church where I established a portal to Diabolic Gnosticism. And Yea! did they sing!!


With the moon above I sat below waiting for the moment to arrive at a private location. I had set up incense along with the seal of Aphos and the Sigil ‘Path of the Devil’ ready to go to work. Circling the Area with incense and chanting to myself I began the two fold Fyr Fos banishing ritual to set the mood and energy required. Once completed, I took time to meditate and join my brothers of the Blood. I could almost feel certain members of the group as if present in the flesh. At this point the Blood moon was in full swing holding the VOOR with arms wide spread I drew upon the energy the moon had to offer. I let the blood shed begin Immediately afterwards. the Seal of Aphos bled upon once more then to cement my path with Satan on a personal level I bled upon the ‘Path of the devil’ further Chanting followed as I sprayed any remaining blood onto the fire.

No Doubt this was a successful and Enjoyable Night. May the devil smile upon you as he has upon me.
He. Vau. He. Yod.


‘Diabolic Gnosticism:Mythos and Philosophy’ Fall of Man



Diabolic Gnosticism: Mythos and Philosophy is the first volume in a series of works that will delve deep into the mysteries of the Gnosis of the Devil, a preliminary glimpse into the mythos, philosophy and practice of a new and unique Current.

Between all of the parts of this book there is enough information for the curious and the interested to establish their own Diabolic Gnostic rituals. The philosophy, mythos, words and ideas are all available to be adapted to the impromptu rituals that are an important aspect of practicing Diabolic Gnosticism.

Diabolic Gnosticism: Mythos and Philosophy is deeply rooted in the works of Carl Jung, Austin Osman Spare and many others, creating a functioning synthesis of disparate ideas and illuminated thoughts. It contains several essays, reflections, poems, aphorisms and rituals that will guide those willing to seek anwsers, without fear of what those answers may say about ourselves. Its author, Frater Kafyrfos, has put together a deep and complex cosmovision that will set the reader in a path towards deeper and darker knowledge.

Rite of the Southern Serpent 20th of June MMXV

Diabolic Gnostic Rite of Initiation: Aphos. Friday the 20th of March MMXV.